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Hi-Point Carbine Model 4595TS
By Tom Wilson

A new Hi-Point Carbine Model 4595TS chambered in .45 ACP, manufactured by Beemiller, Inc. in Mansfield, Ohio arrived for testing. Similar carbines in both 9mm Luger and .40 S&W have been available from this firm for quite some time. The action is semiautomatic, blowback, firing from a closed breach.

After unpacking, the first order of business is to go through the paperwork. Particularly with regard to firearms “read the instructions and follow the rules” is required reading. It’s interesting in that this is the only new weapon encountered to date with instructions advising users to shake their ammunition prior to firing. Beemiller, Inc. advises this procedure be followed in order to dislodge powder that may have taken on moisture and caked in the flash hole after repeated weather changes. This advice is given in order to prevent hang or mis-fires. Many years ago some .38 special ammunition was encountered that had been in storage for quite some time. This old ammunition did in fact have many hang and mis-fires. Several hundred rounds of this ammunition were fired in order to salvage the brass. It certainly cannot hurt to follow this advice as a hang or mis-fire is a nasty interruption, no one wants that to happen in a home defense situation.

This firearm was shipped with the bolt operating handle not attached. It was easily installed to the bolt on the left side of the receiver and is conveniently located for a right-handed shooter to hold the weapon by the pistol grip and manipulate the bolt with the left hand. A combination tool is supplied to install the bolt operating handle. This tool has two hex openings that fit various bolt heads on this weapon. This tool also has a screwdriver blade for sight adjustments plus a special two-prong spanner used for disassembly. The bolt locks open after the last shot by engaging a tab on the magazine follower.

In order to manually lock the bolt open the user retracts...


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