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Century PAP M92 AK Pistol

By Todd Burgreen

The current article will be shrouded with certain amount of skepticism, even controversy. Review pertains to the Century Arms Zastava PAP M92 AK pistol with SB 47 stabilizing arm brace; that is right – pistol. The reason for the opening sentence statement is obvious considering the configuration of the arm brace resembling a stock. It is not intended as such with the BATF supporting this by offering its approval of various stabilizing arm/forend braces of late from different manufacturing sources. The intent is to review the PAP M92 AK pistol only in the form its designers intend.

The Serbian based manufacturer Zastava Arms has gone through its own turbulent and controversial periods in its history that dates back to 1853. Zastava’s initial offerings were in the form of cannon. As we know, the Balkans have always been a source of strife with so many ethnicities struggling to form their own independent entities. The dissolution of the Yugoslavian state in the early 1990s brought this to the world’s attention yet again. Zastava Arms was crippled by a UN arms embargo due to the civil wars being fought in the area. In 2004, the U.S. began allowing arms imports again with the return of normal trade relation between the U.S. and Serbia. Century International Arms became the exclusive distributors of Zastava Arms products in the U.S.

The Century Zastava PAP M92 pistol is derived from the Zastava M92 rifle. The M92 is a shortened version of the Zastava M70 assault rifle, which is a modified copy of the Soviet AK 47 series of assault rifles with a few tweaks. The Zastava M92 chambers and fires the Soviet 7.62×39mm cartridge. It is gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed, and in original form is a selective fire firearm with an under-folding metal stock. The Zastava designs are easily distinguished from other AK makes by the design of pistol grip and handguard, which is longer and made out of different wood type with three cooling vents instead of two as...


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